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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Housework...It never ends!

I am at work on a break currently and had to take a minute to do a quick post. I have been pretty busy lately running around like a crazy person. I have mostly been working on my disaster area of a bedroom. Literally, I told my friends that if they did not hear from me on Monday morning to send out the search party. The rest of my house is presentable, just not the bedroom! Since i have been busting my butt, i have made such great progress on the bedroom and, Yes (wait for it...) you can now walk around in my bedroom without the fear of tripping over something or never returning from Never Never Messy Land. There is still one corner of my room that my desk sits in that I WILL complete this weekend and then it will be on to my next project...the kitchen!! Below are pictures of the progress and all that remains of what must be straightened:

Check out my "assistant" on my bed...I use the word assistant loosely because she really just lays there and watches or after I get some cleaning done, scatters her toys all over the room I am working in!

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