Live your life in such a way so that when you wake up and your feet hit the floor Satan shudders and says ,"Oh crap! She's awake!"

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Housework...It never ends!

I am at work on a break currently and had to take a minute to do a quick post. I have been pretty busy lately running around like a crazy person. I have mostly been working on my disaster area of a bedroom. Literally, I told my friends that if they did not hear from me on Monday morning to send out the search party. The rest of my house is presentable, just not the bedroom! Since i have been busting my butt, i have made such great progress on the bedroom and, Yes (wait for it...) you can now walk around in my bedroom without the fear of tripping over something or never returning from Never Never Messy Land. There is still one corner of my room that my desk sits in that I WILL complete this weekend and then it will be on to my next project...the kitchen!! Below are pictures of the progress and all that remains of what must be straightened:

Check out my "assistant" on my bed...I use the word assistant loosely because she really just lays there and watches or after I get some cleaning done, scatters her toys all over the room I am working in!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Single girls' FYI: Top Reasons you know that a Man has reached Maturity

So, this Saturday I got up and got out of the house by 10AM! I went to Kroger and Wal-Mart to fight the droves of people that frequent these places on Saturday morning...why Yes! I am crazy!! After my intense battle with the people of Wal-Mart, I went to meet my pal Megan for lunch.

While waiting in the car, I was listening to 96.9 and the John Tesh Radio Show  (I have left this station on from Friday afternoon because I always listen to that on the way home from work). The title of this post was their topic of conversation.

I thought this was very timely for me since I am a single girl looking for my "Knight in Shining Armor"...well, he doesn't have to wear armor, but to make it plain: I always leave the possibility open that my soul mate/best friend/husband will show up anytime and probably unexpectedly! So here they are:

Top Reasons You Know a Man has reached Maturity

  1. He no longer has the urge to collect every professional athlete's autograph
  2. He owns an array of clippers and USES them. This is not limited to hair clippers, but also includes  clippers in all shapes and sizes(some for the hedges, some for the trees, some for hair)
  3. The guys has broken up with a girl face to email, text, dear jane letter..etc
  4. He's at peace with his bald spot
  5. He's concerned with the color of his socks and if they match his clothing
  6. Free beer is no longer motivation to help anyone move
  7. Nothing currently in his home decor holds empty milk carton, soda, or beer cans!! 

Well, there they are...maybe some more things think about...that is all I need :) 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Bad week! I have had a crappy couple of days! Valentine's Day was NOT an improvement. Because of this glorious week (can you hear the sarcasm  dripping from this statement??); I have decided to post things that I am looking forward to this weekend!

  1. Being off from work.
  2. Sleeping in! 
  3. Running around without pants on! We all do it I am just not afraid to talk about it! 
  4. Watching some more episodes of Downton Abbey ( I am totally addicted now...Thank you Megan    Murray and Luanne Lawrence) 
  5. Hanging out with my puppy Maggie!
  6. Grocery Shopping! 
  7. Gathering with the church! 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

It Happens!

Okay...i admit it...i tried to get this blog thing going a couple of years ago and it didn't take off.


I have been wanting to write about this for sometime, but clearly I have not MADE the time to do it. We as humans MAKE time for what we WANT to do, even if it is being lazy and watching tv, but that is another topic for another time!

On the weekend of January 25 I took off from the icy roads of Kentucky to attend one of my best dear friend's mother's Memorial service in "Sweet Home Alabama" (yes I did sing it while I typed it!). It was a great, but whirlwind trip!! On my way I was very fortunate to only run into two icy spots here in KY, and made the rest of the trip without a hitch (well...almost). On my way, I had a great time listening and singing music. For those of you who know me well, you know I LOVE to sing, but have serious stage fright! I am confessing this to you and working on repentance!

Anyway, I was on my way to this beautiful place called Gorham's Bluff and by the time I got to Alabama I was in the dark! Here's the thing; Alabama county roads are not labeled well AT ALL!! They do not have "street signs" at the corners of streets like most places have; but they have signs which are UK blue (I think it is funny for Alabama to have UK colored signs...just sayin') and have "County Road 457" printed on them in bright yellow. These signs are VERY hard to read when you are going 55 and it is dark, rainy, and foggy! So I was following printed directions as a back up because cell service in that part of Alabama is almost non existent...therefore no GPS signal for the phone! I was driving along and came to this long stretch of straight road and hit a hill going about 55 mph. By the time i got to the bottom of the hill of said straight stretch (no curves) of road the music was blaring (It Happens by Sugarland was playing) and my foot was soo heavy that I was going 70 mph in a 55 mph zone. Well...It Happened alright! Blue lights in the rear view! oops!

The officer (who was cute by the way) asked me where I was going in such a hurry. I replied " To be honest I have no idea..I am supposed to be going out in the middle of nowhere to Gorham's Bluff in Pisgah." He said "Yeah, I know it." and then "Do you know what the speed limit is through here?" I answered and said, "The last sign I saw said 55, so I thought that was the speed limit." He said, "It is 55, but you were going 70!! Let me see your license and insurance card. Sit tight and I will be right back" So he was gone for about 5 minutes and I used the opportunity to review my printed directions again so that I could keep my eyes on the road and the speedometer a little more closely. When he came back he said " I just gave you a warning so that you don't have to come and appear in court...slow down and take your time. I will give you a short cut!" I was VERY thankful to just get a warning, a short cut,and some eye candy for that night!

After the long weekend I was reflecting back; I was VERY thankful for the provisions given to me by God. The provisions are as follows: traveling mercies, a warning INSTEAD of a ticket, safe roads, a car that runs and is reliable, money to be able to go, friends that I love and that they love me (which I consider family). I know there are many that I did not list, but i only have a little amount of time as I am writing this post on my lunch break!

There are so many ways to apply these happenings to my life. I like to keep it here is one way it applies. We all are heading to a destination, to a place, a home. There are MANY things that distract us from getting there. Life is the biggest distraction...well, all that comes with it! It gets hard to keep your way mapped and straight..even with directions!! Then you add darkness, our own sins and selfish desires, and it becomes almost impossible to navigate and you can't do're just human. We all need a Savior to do it for us...that Savior is Jesus Christ, the Light of the World that removes darkness. By putting your trust and faith in Him, following Him, reading His Word (that's our printed directions), HE will carry us home to spend eternity with Him!! That is the best news I have heard all day!

Well..time to get back to the grind. I will post again soon about the memorial service when I have more time! We'll talk again soon!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

What a week!!

      It has been about a week since I last posted and it has been a busy but GREAT week!! I started the week out with not much sleep, but despite that I was able to have a great week! Monday was a regular work day, long and busy. Tuesday I had the privelage to go the the Creation Museum! I had such a good time with the Lisa and the Banks girls! Savannah, Raegan, and Piper are great kids and we had great fun talking and spending time having a girls day. I got to tell them about some of the hidden talents I learned at the ripe bold age of three, and then we got to go and learn a lot at the creation museum. I cannot wait to go back! I highly recommend this to anyone who has not been. It is awesome! The Banks family is such an encouragement to me and those around them! Love, love, love that family!! I am going to miss them when they move to Savannah, Ga to plant Eden Village Church to proclaim the name of Jesus and redeem the city for His glory!!

      Wednesday was a great day...long but great!! After work, we had The Point Community Church Frankfort campus staff meeting. It is such a joy to work with the people that God has brought together to proclaim his name and share in ministry to the lost and to believers! I always love staff meeting because it give us the chance to get everyone on the same page. We are VERY human and we all have shortcomings! I know that I can always be authentic with them, that we do pray for each other, and that we are working on a common goal proclaiming the name of Jesus and making disciples for Him and His glory alone! After staff meeting, faithful volunteers,Tim & Carrie Meshginpoosh, and I had to teach one of the most complex weighty lessons on salvation we have ever taught to the kids. In fact a lot of the stuff we taught most adults have a hard time wrapping their head around it! The kids did well, but repetition is the key...we will continue to cover these topics to help the kids understand a little more each time!

       Saturday, I got up early and I took Maggie (my dog...but don't tell her she is a dog..she doesn't know!) down to the Pumpkinfest downtown. There was a pet costume contest and I entered her...she got third place!! Let's just say that she LOVES the spotlight and didn't want to get off the stage when it was her time to get off the stage! So, I have posted a picture of my Bumble Bee below, or as one of my kids, Helen would say...Bum Bee!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

You really have to laugh at yourself!

     Wow! What a day...all three services were great at the Point Community Church both Frankfort and Lexington. it was a very busy day, and very convicting day. The sermon preached by Tony Cecil punched me in the throat with all the strength of the heavy weight boxing champion and/or the biggest UFC fighter you could find!
      After that I had a quick lunch with my mom and mamaw, then I was under my car! Yes, under my car. For those of you who know me you know that I love to work on cars and fix the problem myself to save money if possible. Well, I have a oil leak and I found the general area it was coming from, but could not pinpoint it, so to the garage it goes in the morning! While I was cleaning up and putting my floor jack away...i managed to whack my head into the locking latch on my trunk...and really did fact, I have a small bruise on my forehead actually! Car maintenance can be hazardous to your don't try this at home! I got time to sit down for about 15 minutes and then I was off to Lexington for TPCC Lex.
      Had a great time at TPCC Lex and I am still getting to know new faces each Sunday evening. It was such a blessing to be with the church today, but I am VERY glad to get home. To be honest, I have not been resting too well and am trying to make an effort to go to bed and take care of myself. I am still a long way away from that. I need to start working out again and walking so that I can get healthy and lose some of this thyroid outta whack weight that I put on.As I try to keep to my goal, I had some computer work to do before bed, so I sat down and got ready to type the first letter of this post and snap...the computer keyboard tray ended up at my feet and the keyboard danging by its usb cable....I just had to laugh at myself! I am such a piece of work...I don't even know what to do with myself half the time. So for now, I am going to laugh at myself, know and be content that God is in control, I am not and nothing happens outside His will. So, on that note...I am going to bed, thanking God for all his blessings and a glass of chocolate milk!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Great day!!

    Today started off as a normal day...not much extraordinary about it, just another day. Sometimes, I take the day that I have been given for granted. Today, work was A normal day in the life for a tax collector consists of many phone calls, questions, problems, and solutions. After work was when my day really started to get great! I was so glad to be among the members and attendees of my church tonight...especially the kiddos.
    My passion is Children's ministry and I love teaching, sharing God's word, and discussing Jesus with my kiddos at the Point. I have a great team of volunteers that are awesome and always prepared! Now, I don't have any children of my own, but I count all these kids as "my" kids. So, I guess I have around 60 kids...but none of the laundry to go with it (yes!!)! I told the kids tonight...that i am not where I planned to be. if i had my way, I would have been a teacher in the school system with summers off and the mounds of work that go with it. But God...I love that phrase...had better things in store for me. When I gave Him total control (because I am human and I like to think that I am in control) of my life, he had greater and better things for me. We were all created in his image for HIS GLORY...nothing else!! So, by me giving my life to God and giving up the illusion of control...he is using me way beyond my own strength and abilities, to glorify Him and Him alone. I pray that he would continue to equip me...called by God to teach the gospel to children and to anyone that will listen...for His glory and His glory alone. I am soo far from where I should be, but his grace makes up all the short comings and failures I could ever have or encounter. Please pray that God would continue to stir and increase a refreshing and passion in me and "my " volunteers that work tirelessly and go above and beyond to partner with parents as we go and make disciples.

    After church, I got to have dinner with some of my church family! It was great to hang out with the Jones and Lawrence family tonight at Frisch's! Veggie Soup and a grilled cheese, with the cool night air of fall... there is not a better meal to be found! Go ahead and try...I'll wait!

   Tomorrows session #3 at moms! Hopefully, this will be the last one for a while!